Stretchy Headband

Design:  ~Sakura Nishiki~  

Design Color:  Red Violet

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This soft, stretchy headband adds that extra bit of comfort for your workouts, while also being stylish enough to rock with a Friday-night look. Rising and falling in popularity since the 1920s, the headband has evolved into a full-on fashion statement and is once again back in style. A sports accessory at heart, Stretchy Headband’s soft and stretchy fabric is comfortable both for everyday wear and for workouts. It’s made from leftover materials from other products, so it’s a great choice for eco-conscious customers. Stay ahead of the latest trends with Stretchy Headband & don’t miss out on getting your own!


            Name: ~Sakura Nishiki~

            Color: Red Violet

            Location: Front Left

            Layout: Sublimation ( Cut & Sew )